By Prof. Dr. Alfons Reiter, University of Salzburg

The pictures of painter Charlotte Kollmorgen are original in form, color, and their dynamism. The alert eye is being captured by their direct and elementary meaning. Her works are candid. Permit us to discover familiarity, yet masking it at the same time , forcing us to pause in deference. What were the deep sources of her artistic intuition touching the viewer?

Titles such as "Übergänge" (Transitions), "Umwälzungen" (Circulations), "Das All" (Space), "Welterneuerung" (World Renewal) are referring to something elementary, to creation and its beginning.

The paintings reveal more than an imaginative naturalness, they could open an introspective entrance to an inner knowledge of development. Leading back to one’s own origins.

In a wider sense the arts and being an artist should be understood as a journey through life. Paul Klee said, "Those artists are being called who are able to get close to the secret depths where the original law is feeding the development."

Art is etymologically understood as knowing und recognizing. Knowledge cannot establish itself without a pre-given cognition. This implies "art as the cognition of life,” that mankind is by the laws of nature cognizant. And this starting certainly from his embryonic development. The reincarnation of art is therefore an act of remembering our own origins and heritage.

This background knowledge places Charlotte Kollmorgen’s works into a certain interpretation, where manhood from its very beginning can be understood as a matter of human soul. Her artistic intuition has created an introspective access to her origins, as portrayed in her art.

The artistic intuition has access to all hierarchical levels of mankind, being it form its origins or developments. C.G. Jung once recognized that artistic perception accesses individuals, through the course of personification of our souls.

Whatever lifted the artistic intuition and its elementary contents from the original knowledge, they are as in dreams messages from our central self. Our own consciousness, often alienating human nature, develops through introspective access a development which leads to, "Become who you are!"

To whatever extent Charlotte Kollmorgen’s works are viewed: they focus on specific messages directed at the artist and viewer. As in poetry we should make use of the "inner knowledge" as portrayed in the works.

Salzburg, December 2000

Alfons Reiter

Translated from the original German text by Philip Maravilla

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