1939 Born in Dresden, Germany

1950 Fled East Germany to West Berlin, West Germany

1958 BEETHOVEN GYMNASIUM, Berlin, Germany

Abitur (High School Graduation), 1958

1958 - 1962

HdK - HOCHSCHULE DER KÜNSTE (formerly Meisterschule für Graphik und Buchgewerbe) Berlin, Germany (ACADEMY OF ARTS)

Studies of Design and Graphic Arts - Awarded degree of Diplom-Designer, 1962

1962 Marriage, two sons (1964 and 1967)

1976 Independent Artist (Exhibitions in Berlin at Siemens AG)

1980 Exhibition in Livermore, CA

Exhibitions in Berlin, Germany: Gallerie Autonom, Berliner Volksbank


Created and implemented “Collage Therapy” at a rehabilitation center for heart attack patients

1981 Exhibition at the Goethe-Institute in Toronto, Canada

1982 Exhibition in Luxembourg

1983 - 1987 HdK BERLIN, Germany

Studies of Art Therapy - Awarded degree of Art Therapist (DGKT Grad.), 1987

Graduated ranked first of class

1984 Exhibition in the European Parliament in Luxembourg

Illustrations for children’s book

1988 Publication of “Collage Therapy

(1st Edition published 1988 by Marhold Verlag, Berlin, Germany;

2nd Edition published 1989 by Hans Huber Verlag, Bern, Switzerland)

Numerous publications in national and international newspapers.

1976 - 1994 Annual participation with individual entries at the FBK - Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung (Berlin Free Art Exhibition)

1992 Presentation of “Collage Therapy” at the World Congress of MedArt International in New York

Exhibition in the Kreuzkirche (Cross Church) in Dresden, Germany

1996 Recipient of the Verdienstmedaille des Verdienstordens der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Medal of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany) by his Excellency Professor Doctor Roman Herzog, President of the Federal Republic of Germany

1997 Exhibition at the IKB Bank in Berlin, Germany

1998 Study excursion to Jordan

1999 Study excursion to India

2000 Exhibition sponsored by the German Embassy in Riga, Latvia

2001 Exhibition at the Plassenburg (City Castle) in Kulmbach, Germany


Exhibition booked at “Gallerie Bremer” in Berlin, Germany


for a complete curriculum vitae please visit the German curriculum vitae

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